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The Kainos Movement | A New Normal

Sociologist’s define a multi ethnic church as being one in which no one ethnicity makes up more than 80% of the whole - the 80/20 rule. So if a church has one hundred people and eighty-five of them are black it is not multi-ethnic. However, if a church of a hundred has eighty white people, and the rest are other ethnicities it qualifies to be multi-ethnic. Using the 80/20 rule, only 2.5% of all churches in the United States qualify as being multi-ethnic.

Some would see the current homogenous state of the church as being an occasion for sadness; We see it as an incredible opportunity to establish a new normal. We are launching The KAINOS Movement (kainos is from the Greek word for new, a word Paul uses to describe the coming together of Jews and Gentiles to form the multi-ethnic church) because we long to see 50% or more of all churches to be multi-ethnic by the year 2050 - the year that sociologist’s project the United States will become majority minority for the first time in her history.

Our nation is trending towards diversity. The church has no option but to maintain the same trajectory, not so much forward, but backward to her first century roots where the normal was ethnic diversity. A failure to do so will put us perilously close to being irrelevant to the changing face of our society.


So how will The KAINOS Movement go about achieving our big dreams? KAINOS will experience the fulfillment of its vision by providing the following:

1. Residencies

Each church and ministry in KAINOS needs to have its own laboratory by which they are strategically identifying, developing and launching the next generation of multi-ethnic leaders, and connecting these leaders with churches and ministries.

2. Resources

KAINOS will write it’s own blogs, articles, essays and books to resource multi- ethnic leaders. We will also utilize messages and media to resource leaders.

3. Events

KAINOS will host a national event to be held either annually, or once every other year with the express purpose of providing a catalytic adrenaline shot, and equipping the attendees for gospel centered multi-ethnic ministry. We will also host regional roundtables to equip and inspire.

4. Partnerships

KAINOS will strategically partner with other existing denominations, networks and fellowships to help shape and influence gospel centered, multi-ethnic movements within those groups.

5. Itinerate Ministry

Pastor Bryan Loritts will center his itinerate ministry specifically around KAINOS, much like Pastor Tim Keller does with his City to City ministry. This will allow him to have a synergy between a ministry Pastor Loritts is passionate about the speaking opportunities he will accept.

The purpose of the Kainos 2015 is to gather leaders who either seek to start multi-ethnic ministries or churches, or who aspire to transition their current homogenous ministries into a multi-ethnic trajectory.

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