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How Not Be Racist

What is culture?   Before you’re quick to answer that, know that every expert that I’ve studied has at least admitted to there being historical confusion when it comes to pinpointing a definition for the term (my doctoral studies involve me engaging in extensive research over the subject). I’m actually relieved that the experts are confused, because I’ve personally been ambiguous to the whole matter as well.  Malcolm Gladwell, acclaimed writer, points out that there’s an old... Read More
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A Kainos Moment with Robert Gelinas (Denver, CO)

President Loritts sits down with Robert Gelinas, Lead pastor of Colorado Community Church. Gelinas shares his story and gives practical tips on "how" to do multi-ethnic ministry. Read More
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The Dividing Wall is Gone – Matt Chandler

In the first-century Herodian temple where the Jews worshiped, there was a series of courts separated by gated walls. Each court moved progressively closer to the Holy of Holies. The first gate was the gate of the Gentiles, and you could walk around in that court if you were a God-fearing Gentile. If you were a Jewish woman who was ceremonially clean according to Jewish law, you could enter the next gate and go into an inner court. Beyond that lay the gate to the innermost court,... Read More
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Why You Shouldn’t Be Colorblind Pt2

It’s Not Realistic   It’s simply not realistic to be color blind. As an African-American female, I cannot (and have no desire to) erase the fact that I am how God made me. There is no hiding my milky-brown, freckled skin. I am who I am. So, when I walk in a room and I am the only black woman, it’s obvious. We don’t need to pretend. What I’m not saying is that we need to act awkwardly either—if we’ve embraced that God has created us equally there’s no need for that. The point is if... Read More
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Why You Shouldn’t Be Colorblind- Trillia Newbell (Pt 1)

Imagine, if you will, not being able to differentiate between reds verses greens or blues verses yellow. Imagine only being able to only see things as gray.  Color Blindness is the inability to see certain colors as they are. The most severe form of color blindness is achromatopsia, where everything appears to be gray. You might think color blindness is rare, but according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, about 1 in 10 men have some form of color blindness. Unfortunately,... Read More
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The purpose of the Kainos 2015 is to gather leaders who either seek to start multi-ethnic ministries or churches, or who aspire to transition their current homogenous ministries into a multi-ethnic trajectory.

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