Tools of the Trade

If there’s one question I know a young leader will ask in his desire to transition or begin a multi-ethnic work it has to do with what books have I found helpful for this type of ministry?  Well, here you go:
  • Divided by Faith, Michael Emerson and Christian Smith
  • Being White, Paula Harris and Doug Schaupp
  • One Body, One Spirit, George Yancey
  • The Elusive Dream, Korie Edwards
  • United by Faith, Curtiss Paul DeYoung, Michael Emerson, et al
  • Some of My Best Friends are Black, Tanner Colby
  • Racism: A Short History, George Fredrickson
  • Reconciliation Blues, Edward Gilbreath
  • Many Colors, Soong-Chan Rah
  • The Next Evangelicalism, Soong-Chan Rah

This list certainly does not come close to all of the helpful resources out there, but it will give you a running start. 

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The purpose of the Kainos 2015 is to gather leaders who either seek to start multi-ethnic ministries or churches, or who aspire to transition their current homogenous ministries into a multi-ethnic trajectory.

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