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Special thanks to the good folks at City Leadership for providing Kainos with this amazing resource. For more information about City Leadership, check out their website;

In 2012, City Leadership set out to review some of the most influential books on the subject of biblical racial reconciliation. Their aim was simple, put the best information in leaders hands to equip them to make better decisions, and take better steps of action.

We at Kainos hold the same conviction as City Leadership, as it pertains to leaders and pastors. In order for one to effectively change the trajectory of their ministry into a Multi-ethnic one, they need the right tools and  sufficient equipping. 

This eBook contains book reviews of 9 books, written by authors such as Dr. Tony Evans, Dr. John Piper, Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, and Dr. George Yancey. This resource contains helpful insights into each book, and countless nuggets that will prove valuable for your ministries and organizations as you begin to establish a new normal.

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The purpose of the Kainos 2015 is to gather leaders who either seek to start multi-ethnic ministries or churches, or who aspire to transition their current homogenous ministries into a multi-ethnic trajectory.

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